Back to the Basics and NYFW Pallet

point of sale material

For the 2014 season, TRESemmé debuted an edgier look for their core product line. Previously used assets were given new life with a bold, geometric background in black and white − a nod to the predominant colour used in most TRESemmé material. Though typography remained consistent, colour evolved to include metallic inks on displayers in premium locations. The new design was adapted for the requirements of various retailers across Canada, from in-shelf displayers to pallets. It has even crossed over to packaging for TRESemmé styling tools released later in the year.

The design was leveraged again next season for pallets affiliated with the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) to advertise an exclusive offer to Loblaws customers.

Back to Basics PDQ
Back to Basics PDQ
Back to Basics Pallet